Trying to figure out why your edits are not updating in Woocommerce?

I admit it took me a few minutes to figure why my edits and changes weren’t overriding Woocommerce core plugin templates.

Follow these few steps and you should be well on your way to creating and eCommerce site using the awesome Woocommerce Plugin.

#1 In your theme folder create a new folder and name it woocommerce

#2 Navigate to the woocommerce plugin folder and open the templates folder

#3 Copy everything or just the templates that you are looking to change or edit.

#4 Paste the files and folders within your themes new woocommerce folder.


woocomerce template folder


Your map to your new woocommerce templates should be ‘your theme > woocommerce > files and folder’ wanting to edit.

What you will be missing is the actual templates folder


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