WooCommerce is quickly becoming my goto when it comes to E-commerce for my clients.

For the most part, the ability to sell products on your site with using WooCommerce right out of the box is pretty straight forward.

With a solid afternoon of fiddling around in the admin area, you could easily have a solid understanding and be able to navigate with ease.

Customizing WooCommerce Rating Stars

Instead of wading through templates and adding extra markup, we are going to take advantage of WooCommerces hooks.

We can easily manipulate WooCommerce by adding the hook to our functions file.

With this script in your functions file, you are simply adding a remove and add action.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to make edits directly to the Woocommerce plugin.
Here is an article to help you move the Woocommerce plugin to your own directory for customizing

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