Are you looking for a way to add placeholder text to your Contact Form 7 Form?

This is an easy fix for you and can be done without editing any core files. Yay!

I have put together a lot of WordPress forms and nothing has worked better for me than Contact Form 7. It’s easy to edit, control and style as well as easy to set up.

Let’s edit the Contact Form 7

This can be done within the Contact Form 7 form editor.

If you aren’t already, log in to you WordPress and navigate as follows.

Go to: Contact > Contact Forms > Form tab


contact form 7 paceholder text

As you can see you can simply add [‘placeholder “Name”‘] to your form. Done!

Removing the label

By default, the form inputs will be wrapped in a label. You can delete these if you no longer want to use the label name for the inputs of your form.

*TIP: If you are plan on editing the cssĀ to the placeholder text it might be a good idea to leave the label and incorporate it into your design.

Check out this post if you’re looking for help with editing the placeholder text within your form

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