How to edit placeholder text with css

placeholder text color

So, you’re playing around with some CSS eh?

Styling forms can be a little tricky for beginners. Trying to figure out how to reach the placeholder text can add a little to the trickiness.

Below is some CSS that will style your placeholder text.

If you are looking to learn how to write CSS it’s always good to avoid copy and paste.



Edit your WordPress files

If you don’t have access to you WordPress files you can always edit your css via the WordPress dashboard.

Log in to your WordPress site. On left side pane a little past halfway down there is a tab called Appearance. Hover your mouse over this to see the sub menu. At the bottom of the submenu, you will see another tab called Editor. That’s where you want to go.

If your site is built on a Theme make sure that you are editing the Child Theme so that your new edits won’t be over-written with the parent theme updates.


wordpress editor


As you can see with this image I am currently viewing the style.css file.

On the far right of the Editor dashboard, you will see a list of files. On top of the list, you should see a drop down form with a label ‘Select theme to edit’.

*TIP: By default, WordPress should pull up the style sheet to the current theme that you are using.

Most themes offer a space within the style sheet to add your custom css.





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