I get it, not every business wants to fork over $9,000 for their online presence.

Especially in the day and age where $59.00 WordPress templates are coming out of every crook and nanny.

Make no mistake when shopping for a quick and easy answer with WordPress templates. Some, if not most, can be a quite complicated to manipulate.

When to use a cheap website

You have a lot to do already, money is tight and accounted for. Websites take time to grow with SEO. Social media can be time-consuming to set up, learn and maintain.

There are plenty of free templates out there. But your intelligent and understand that your time is much more valuable than money.

This, of course, brings up even more of a dilemma.

Some of these cheap websites can be more damaging than no website at all!

So, what to do?

First thing’s first.

  1. Figure out if your time is more important than money.
  2. Figure out your budget and be realistic with expectations of what you will get in return
  3. Understand what’s most important for your website. ‘design, layout, responsive and so on…
  4. Can you get away with a one-page scroll site? Or do you need multiple pages? ” I am going to queue in here if you opt-in for a single page scroll, just make sure that you have a blog roll of some sorts.
  5. Make sure that you are accounting for hosting. Not only the fees that are associated with it but the set up as well.

A little bit about website hosting

The conversation goes on and on about the value of using website builders and hosting platforms like WordPress.com or Wix to get you business online.

Though these platforms might be cheap to get your website up and running, it does nothing to help you gain clients/customers and income. The 2 things all businesses need.

They also hinder most efforts of online marketing and SEO.

What you need to do when building your website

If you are trying to get your business up and running it might be a good idea to get a little help.

Focus your attention on local WordPress freelancer. If possible, in the same town or county. Do a little reaching out and see if they can help you with a free WordPress template and hosting set up. If possible, maybe they can throw in some quick tutorials on navigating the CMS within WordPress.

You might be surprised with the response and pricing that you will get.

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