Moving woocommerce star rating above image on product page

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WooCommerce is quickly becoming my goto when it comes to E-commerce for my clients. For the most part, the ability to sell products on your site with using WooCommerce right out of the box is pretty straight forward. With a solid afternoon of fiddling around in the admin area, you could easily have a solid […]

When cheap website designs are the way to go

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I get it, not every business wants to fork over $9,000 for their online presence. Especially in the day and age where $59.00 WordPress templates are coming out of every crook and nanny. Make no mistake when shopping for a quick and easy answer with WordPress templates. Some, if not most, can be a quite […]

Woocommerce template edits not updating

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Trying to figure out why your edits are not updating in Woocommerce? I admit it took me a few minutes to figure why my edits and changes weren’t overriding Woocommerce core plugin templates. Follow these few steps and you should be well on your way to creating and eCommerce site using the awesome Woocommerce Plugin.